Wedding Venues in Chicago

Wedding Table

Choosing from the great variety of wedding venues in Chicago isn’t easy since each one of them brings something unique to the table. Some Chicago wedding venues have a sense of grandeur about them, while the others are more budget-friendly options. When choosing from Chicago venues, try to select one which you won’t regret later on. Chicago's loft wedding venues are difficult to pick from, but this is where we come in.

Large Lofts with Breathtaking Views

Undoubtedly of the most dramatic and large venues in Chicago, and a Chicago party rental space, The Zephyr is the ultimate choice. The Zephyr’s hall rental in Chicago's South Side has promising views, and is an extraordinary event space have a wedding reception – and dance. It embodies the reason why so many people call Chicago the perfect wedding destination. The Loft level of The Zephyr’s event center is a classic industrial loft venue in Chicago. With its timber beams, hardwood flooring, and centuries-old red brick, our Chicago loft wedding venues offer ample space for large groups to dine in and have the time of their lives.

Customize Your Wedding Venue

At Zephyr, we provide you with the option of fully customizing your own event; every venue from Zephyr can be made to fit the unique needs of your event. The main wooden hallway could also be used as your casual cocktail hour, and during the wedding season, or summer, the whole hall can be decorated with flowers – creating a romantic atmosphere and a temporary retreat from the usual party fever.

Chicago Lofts Venues within Easy Reach of Hotels

The Zephyr is proud to announce that some of the finest hotels like the Marriot Marquis, JannaeCapozzoli, etc. are within walking distance of it. You can easily invite all your guests without worrying about where they'll stay.  We believe that your comfort is our priority, and that the entire day is centered around you – as it should be.

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