Parking Lot

Lot A 
2301 S. Prairie
Chicago, IL 60616


Drivers should enter via the Cermak Rd and Prairie Ave
entrance. Parking on level 1 (if available) is the most

If level 1 is full then they will need to proceed to the
upper levels and take the elevator down to level 1 and
walk outside to Cermak and head west one block to Michigan Ave.

The venue is located at 2229 S Michigan Ave.

When entering the venue use the entrance without the awning.


Ten pre-paid parking coupons are included with every social event booking.

Please contact the event host for details on how to redeem a pre-paid parking coupon. Our staff will not know if you qualify for a pre-paid coupon.


Parking is $25 per spot if you need to self-pay.

In addition, you may use the app Spot Hero or park on Michigan Ave

and use the meters. 

There is also an independent valet out front of the venue which

you will need to self-pay.